Become a Channel Partner

The LABSTER Channel Partner Organization is designed to nurture profitable channel partner relationships based on the following key guiding principles:

  1. Build efficient processes to make it easier to sell Labster products and services and support Labster end-user clients.
  2. Reward results and foster growth
  3. Provide thought leadership through technology innovation
  4. Respond quickly to channel partner needs
  5. Deliver world-class sales, marketing, training, and technical support

Benefits of being a Labster channel partner include:

  • Partnering with a world leading provider of virtual laboratory solutions for Education.
  • Getting access to our pre-sales and tech support resource centre for Channel Partners.
  • Actively work to revolutionise the way to teach science and make a difference in STEM Education.
  • Being part of an extended and fast-growing channel partner community, composed by EdTech solutions providers based worldwide, with a great reputation and expertise in this sectors.

Labster encourages open submissions from potential channel partners

We recommend to have a look at our selection criteria before applying, summarised as follows:

customer base

Customer Base

  • Territory and Market Presence in the Higher Education Sector
  • Existing solid vendor relationships within local education market (e.g. access to top customers, established reputation, sales volume).

product provided

Product/Services Provided

  • Existing Educational Solutions portfolio (relationships with Top Players).
  • STEMCurriculum focus
  • Ability to deliver training

Business Longevity

Business Longevity

  • Minimum of 5 years providing services to target customer base.
  • Solid track record: they must be a current disruptive force

Sales and marketing organization

Sales & Marketing Organization

  • Dedicated staff to lead generation and sales support
  • Marketing resources and initiatives
  • Ability to sell and support SaaS
  • Capacity to scale direct sales coverage

technical & professional Services capabillities

Technical & Professional Services capabillities

  • Ability to provide level 1 technical support
  • Admin/Billing capabilities

If you would like to become a Labster channel partner, please fill in this form to submit your application:

The purpose of this profile questionnaire is to gather relevant information that will help Labster determine the appropriate channel partner network level for the potential distributor. All information provided will remain strictly confidential.

Labster Channel Partnership Business Form

Contact information

Please provide at least one business contact and one technical contact. These contacts will be the primary points of contact for managing the reseller relationship.

Business contacts

Technical contact

Other contacts

Company overview

Financial information


Please indicate your revenue from educational technology products and services for the last three years. This information will be used to gauge your growth and will be kept strictly confidential.

Regional market

Please indicate the geographical regions in which you did business last year. Then list the countries and the percentage of your revenue earned in those countries for each geographical region you indicated.


Central and South America


Middle East


Asia Pacific


Other information