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Mads Bonde

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Launch of new website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Labster website, designed with a clean, minimal look and user-friendly navigation, complete with all the latest information about us! The parallax effects and the responsive design enable a great customer experience, whether you are on tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. We hope that our visitors and customers will enjoy it.


Remember to stay up-to-date with all that is going on at Labster. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and connect with us on Facebook and we will keep you in the loop.



Labster gets the thumbs up by the international science journal ‘Nature Biotechnology’ 


An important new study about Labster and the use of virtual labs in science education has been published in the journal ‘Nature Biotechnology’.


The research published finds that a large proportion of high school and college students have little interest in science, and many students graduate with marginal science competencies. It has been suggested that this is due to an exaggerated focus on memorizing facts, listening passively to lectures and performing ‘cookbook’ laboratory exercises in science education, rather than stimulating students’ natural curiosity, and highlighting the intricate connection between science and “real world problems”.

The article discusses how games and simulations can enhance the effectiveness of science teaching and concludes that all numbers points to great educational advantages by the use of virtual laboratories… Read the full article here:




New labs are coming soon: the Bio-chemistry lab


Labster is working on their brand new Bio-chemistry lab, which will already be released in the beginning of August!

In the new lab students can investigate the different blood types based on coagulation, or they can make a simulation of the glucose levels in blood after having the virtual patient consume different types of food. Very helpful in understanding the effects of the change in sugar levels in blood when researching e.g. diabetes.





Labster has been awarded three new grants!


We are so proud and honoured to announce that Labster has been awarded no less than three grants in the past month!


Eurostars program

On the 28th of June Labster received €250.000 by the Eurostars Program. The aim of the fund is to provide funding and support to research-performing companies – especially SMEs. The selection process by the Eurostars Program is highly competitive and all companies come under scrutiny by a panel of international research- and business experts „to ensure that only the best business ideas and strong consortia get the funding they need” (Read more about the funding here


As if getting selected for funding by the Eurostars panel was not enough, on top of that, Labster was also decided by the panel to be the No.1 company among the 250 excellent other applicants to the Eurostars Program.



InnovationFonden awarded DKK 6.2 Million to Labster in the IT category. The aim of the fund is to promote the knowledge, growth and employment in Denmark. It was established on 1st April this year and is the biggest reform of the Danish research and innovation system in the past two decades. The Fund aims to support and enhance corporate efforts and the focus on focuses on companies, which are considered to provide value to the community in the upcoming years.


Tips og Lottomidler (udlodningsmidler)

Labster was also among the chosen companies awarded capital from the fund “Tips og Lottomidler”. This provided Labster with a funding of DKK 475.000 – The Danish Ministry of Education and Research supports new initiatives and activities in education through this fund.


This new funding allows Labster to develop new exciting labs and develop our products with an even greater technological and innovative standard. Ultimately, it helps us empowering the next generation of scientists to save the world!


Access your very own laboratory now and kickstart your science career!


Or explore our many science simulations here.

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