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Choosing Inquiry-Based Learning at Randolph High School

Randolph High School

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"I would absolutely recommend Labster to other high schools! We’ve had a positive experience using it during remote and hybrid instruction, especially given the increasing number of virtual labs available on the platform.”

Anthony Emmons

STEM Supervisor


Randolph High School

When Randolph High School went remote during COVID, they were determined to create a 100% synchronous, active learning environment online. Giving students hands-on access to a science lab during the pandemic turned out to be the easy part—Labster provided the interactive, engaging science learning experience they were looking for.


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Faculty Bio

Anthony Emmons is the STEM Supervisor at Randolph High School in Randolph, NJ.

Case Study Highlights

Number of students using Labster: 403

Labster Simulations used: Randolph High School uses 29 Labster virtual labs, including:

• Acids and Bases (Principles): Avoid Falling in a Lake of Acid

• Aseptic Technique: Cultural Your Sample Without Contamination

• Cellular Respiration (Principles): Measure Energy Consumption During Exercise

• Experimental Design

• Ideal Gas Law: Build Your Own Temperature Scale

• Lab Safety

• Mitosis: Using a Toxic Compound from the Yew Tree in Cancer Therapy

• Organic Chemistry Introduction: Learn About Organic Compounds

Key Takeaways - Interview with Anthony Emmons

Exploring the “Why”

"Virtual labs that permit students to model and observe phenomena are great, but what I was really looking for was a platform that would enable them to explore what happened and question why those things were happening. We asked, ‘can we assess observations, skills, questioning, data collection and analysis, lab procedures, experimental designs?’ With Labster, you get that."

Keeping Students Challenged

"The one concern I initially heard from our faculty was that it’s too high level or beyond the scope of their course. My response was “what a second, you’re telling me that students are getting exposure to things they might not have known were possible otherwise? I’m not hearing a negative, that sounds great to me!” Since then we’ve had some shifts in how we think about our courses."

Being Student-Centered

"Before the pandemic, the classrooms might have had one computer for every 4 kids, which made instruction more teacher-centered and teacher-controlled. We are now operating in a 1:1 environment where every student has a device and can work individually. It’s been really exciting to see us become more student-centered. We purchased Labster thinking of using it solely for Biology, but our chemistry teachers tried it and have been using Labster as well. We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth."

Offering a Choice of 200+ Labs

"When we compared ourselves to other schools in the area and looked at the electives we could offer - like Genetics or Biotechnology - we realized we had a choice. We could either buy new equipment for each course or buy Labster. Getting the equipment would cost as much as a Labster subscription, but it would only give us the capability to perform one kind of lab. The obvious alternative was that we got to have access to all of the different labs in Labster."

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