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Biology Simulations Engage Digital Native Students and Improve Study Skills

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Community colleges across the country have been providing online instruction for decades, which places them ahead of the curve selecting and implementing the right digital tools to achieve desired learning outcomes within a remote learning environment. At Wenatchee Valley College in Washington State, Adjunct Instructor Kyle Hammon relies on Labster to provide virtual lab experiences and online course materials for more than 75 major and non-major asynchronous biology students per semester. For Hammon, Labster is an essential tool for online instruction that engages digital native students with gamification and encourages them to take ownership of their learning thus improving collegiate study skills.

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  • How community colleges can integrate Labster simulations into their asynchronous online biology courses

  • Why trial-and-error learning leads to student confidence and better study habits

  • What gamification can do to engage digital native students



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