Case Studies

Teaching Science at Scale with Labster at the University of Northumbria

Marta Baniukiewicz
Higher Education

Dr. Seth Racey, a Senior Lecturer in Applied Sciences at the University of Northumbria, began using Labster during the pandemic as a wet lab replacement for his courses in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology. Right away, he recognized that Labster enabled him to teach at scale. “I can’t get 150 students to do mass spec or some sort of column chromatography. You have one or two of those devices in the whole university, and you can’t get 150 people to sit in front of it. It just doesn’t scale. So having the ability to do a simulation of, say, mass spec or fluorescent microscopy is great, ” he said. Now that Dr. Racey’s courses are in-person, he uses Labster as a pre-lab supplement.” We want to make sure that the students are coming into the labs and make those sessions count,” he said.

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