From one teacher to another: My learning path to Labster

Good teachers never stop learning. In education language, this refers to a teacher being able to continue learning within their discipline, whilst simultaneously performing pedagogical inquiry into their technique and practice. This leads to informed decision making about what, when, how to teach, after which reflection must be practised. These aren’t just wish-list attributes, but …

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Democratizing education

Meet Jack.  Jack is a 20 year old American from the town of Crownsville, Maryland. When he was 13, a close family friend, who was like an uncle to Jack, passed away from pancreatic cancer. This experience was devastating for Jack, and when he discovered that 85% of all pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed late …

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6 Students from Exeter University

Labster co-creates virtual lab with students

We are proud to announce the exciting launch of our first virtual lab simulation created in collaboration with a group of amazing students!

Labster had the opportunity to work with six students from Exeter University in England to create a Confocal Microscopy lab. This was the first collaboration we have done with students, and as you can see below, it was a great success!

In this video, we go behind the scenes for the “making of” process and see exactly what is required to create a virtual lab simulation from A to Z. They worked closely together with their supervisor, as well as Sarah from Labster, to create the virtual lab.

You can read more about the Confocal Microscopy simulation and try it out here.

Employee Spotlight: Tamara

Remember when we hopped over to Bali, Indonesia to interview our front-end developer Adit about what it’s like to live and work for Labster in the Power House? Today it’s another House, and another star employee. Tamara Tjitrowirjo came to Founders House to work with us as Lead Content Developer in November 2012, and her first …

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