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About Channel Partnerships

In order to provide world class support to clients all across the globe, Labster works with channel partners. These partnerships are a critical part of our strategy in enabling global access to science education.

Currently, Labster has channel partners in the Middle East and Southern Europe. Read more below about how our partners can serve your institution in these regions.

Middle Eastern Channel Partners

Edutech is a leading provider of learning solutions and services for academic institutions, companies and governments. True to their mission statement – ‘Enhancing knowledge and skills for success lifelong’, the team prides itself to be “Learning Specialists” who assist in making learning innovative, easy, fast and fun.

Their reach encompasses the regions of UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, and USA.

Delphi Data Analytics focuses on technological innovations in education technology, with additional competencies in big data analysis and strategy. Delphi has a special interest in developing Virtual Reality-based education technology.
The company is located in Amman, Jordan with intensive services profile in the country as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
Business Development Manager
Phone number : +962 7 9761 5064

European Channel Partners

eLearning Media provides innovative technologies to academic partners across Europe, and primarily distributes Labster in Spain. eLearning Media offers solutions alongside of the services, training, and support needed to achieve success.
LABSTER Sales Person


How to Become a Channel Partner

Benefits of being a Labster channel partner include: Massimo to provide list.

Labster encourages open submissions from potential channel partners. Channel partners must satisfy the following criteria: Massimo to provide list:

  • Be headquartered in a designated growth region (current growth regions include Southern Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and India)
  • Have more than xx% of their revenue come from clients within a designated growth region
  • Must be focused on education technology and the future of learning
  • Partners must meet Labster’s legal requirements – click here to learn more

If you would like to become a Labster distribution partner, please download this form Labster Partner Request Form, and forward it, and all channel partner queries, to Massimo Gentilli.