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"Labster links the scientific world to the gaming world and allows students to engage in a slightly different manner that seems to help the learning progress and develop."

Lewis R. Mattin, PhD
Lecturer, Human Physiology
University of Westminster

"Labster provides the best virtual environment with experiments that motivate students and pedagogically meaningful tasks that result in real learning."

Dr. Vesa Paajanen
Senior Lecturer, Animal Physiology
University of Eastern Finland

"I wish all of my classes used Labster! I just love the model and imagery that Labster uses. More classes could benefit from something like that."

Tonie Liquori
Sustainability Studies Student
Corning Community College

"Instead of thinking about a Labster sim as an assignment, students often see it as a game. I think it's a drive they learn from playing video games that pushes them to get the perfect score on Labster."

Jia Sun, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
Imperial Valley College

"My students are very grade-driven, but I try to get them to be curiosity-driven. One way I do this is by using Labster as a fun, curious game."

Caitlyn Montross, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Daemen University