Corporate Training

Labster works with leading companies to train their employees and clients

Labster for Corporate Training

Labster’s virtual laboratory simulations will help your employees master laboratory techniques and safety protocols in a safe, 3D virtual lab training environment. Train your staff and clients quickly, inexpensively, and with better outcomes–in a way that increases efficiency in the workspace. Users can access Labster on laptops or virtual reality (VR) headsets for:

  • Safety training
  • Lab protocols
  • Compliance & assessment
  • Lab skills & scientific knowledge
  • Employee onboarding
  • Equipment training

Start training with Labster’s innovative learning simulations today, or ask for more information about building your own customized training simulations.

Labster's Proven Learning Impact

Besides Labster’s long-standing tradition of training university students across the world, we have been conducting research on the effects of our simulations for training staff and customers. 

In a series of new publications from psychology, psychometrics and didactics researchers, Labster simulations are shown to have high training effectiveness — with the hours and cost spent transferring knowledge and skills done in a scalable and low-cost way — and to prompt  employees and customers to think more positively about the company and their ability to use company products or technical equipment. 

Below are results from two studies in the process of publication in international peer-reviewed journals. Find more research on the effects of Labster at:

Research conducted on +100 employees in one of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies

Participants reported signifcantly higher enjoyment for Labster training

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