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Do you have a science student with an interest in biotechnology, invention, and making a positive difference in the world? Encourage them to apply to this unique, no-cost, virtual program that connects students from different backgrounds and challenges them to develop interest, confidence and capabilities in STEM. Biotech in Action is a collaboration between the Biogen company and the nonprofit Lemelson MIT program. Labster is proud to sponsor the science simulations for Biotech in Action. In this episode, we reflect on the impact of two years of the Biotech in Action program with two faculty members, Nia Gipson of the Lemelson MIT program and Alex Cameron of the Biogen Community Lab, as well as Dr. Stephanie Couch, the executive director of the Lemelson MIT program,. Biotech in Action is open for applications. As Nia Gipson says, “Take a chance, you might just learn something.” Students can register for free at https://lemelson.mit.edu/biotech-action.


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