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Inspire Your Students to Pursue STEM Learning

Labster simulations help learners connect with STEM through interactive scenarios that train lab skills and bring science theory to life.

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Enhance Completion Rates

Students who use Labster are 4 times more likely to say they plan on pursuing a career in STEM.

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Improve Test Scores

Low-knowledge students see the biggest gains from simulations, with scores improving by 24%.

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Meet Students Where They Are

82% of students report feeling more engaged using Labster than traditional work assignments.

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I saw some of the students who clearly didn’t necessarily like sitting there reading a book discover they could turn on Labster and keep up with the rest of the class because it spoke to them.

Lewis Mattin, PhD
Lewis Mattin, PhD
Lecturer in Human Physiology
University of Westminster

We use it as a bridge between theory and practice in the lab. So we teach them during the theory part of the lessons, and then they do a simulation at home, and then they go to the lab to do the experiment.

 Sander Kurvers
Sander Kurvers
Biology Teacher
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

The Labster Difference

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Track Student Progress

Track progress and identify roadblocks with the teach dashboard.

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Assign Simulations Online

The only thing students need to play a simulation is a stable internet connection.

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Customize Quizzes

Customize quiz prompts within simulations to align simulations with your course objectives.

Connect Your STEM Students to STEM Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Labster?

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Labster is a platform that offers high-quality, fully interactive virtual labs across a myriad of scientific disciplines. Engineered to augment traditional classroom teaching, it provides an immersive learning experience designed to increase student engagement and retention of complex scientific concepts. Labster offers a diverse range of labs covering Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and more. This multidisciplinary approach allows it to serve various educational needs and curriculum frameworks, while being accessible and inclusive to ensure an equitable educational experience.

Does Labster enhance student engagement?

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Labster leverages gamified elements and real-world scenarios to transform passive learners into active participants. Research indicates that engagement is vital for effective learning; Labster embodies this philosophy through its immersive virtual labs. All while being aligned with leading curricula and educational standards.

What kind of technical support does Labster Offer? And does it integrate with my LMS?

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Labster provides robust technical support, including step-by-step guides and responsive customer service, ensuring a smooth experience for both educators and students. Labster is a web-based software that requires no downloads or installs. And it integrates with LMSs (Learning Management Systems, called VLS in some regions) so that educators can post assignments directly to their already existing courses, and so that grades manually sync to the gradebook. Labster is compatible with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Google Classroom, Schoology, Sakai, and Brightspace / D2L. It’s also possible to use Labster without an LMS.

Is Labster cost effective?

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Labster’s interactive design encourages students to apply theoretical knowledge in a simulated environment, effectively supporting active learning strategies. Given its ability to simulate expensive lab equipment and experiments, Labster presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional labs while still delivering a comprehensive educational experience. Get started today!