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Labster has lots to offer you as a learner.

We have a catalog of more than 70 virtual lab simulations for you to try. To learn more about Labster and find a subscription that suits you, visit our Labster for learners page.

You can also check out our blog, where you’ll find lots of learning resources.

Latest news from our blog

Labster Recommends: 11 of our favorite, must-watch TED talks

TED talks are a great way to hear new ideas, find inspiration, and challenge your perspective. But there are so many TED talks available, and covering such a large variety of topics, that it can be hard to know where to start. So, We asked the Labster team: What is...

5 lessons that will prepare your students for real lab work

It’s a long jump from filling in bubbles on a biology exam to correctly operating a PCR machine. While having a theoretical foundation is important, practical laboratory skills are just as important, and much harder to find time and resources to teach. Most high...

How you can use Labster to engage your students

Staying on top of your student’s presence in lectures, labs, tutorials, homework, and other activities, is a contentious issue. Some will argue that since students in higher education are there voluntarily and adults; we as educators should step away from the...

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