Faculty Advisor Network FAQ

What is the Labster Faculty Advisor Network?

A network of Labster users brought together to share information between Labster, fellow faculty advisors and college/university instructors.

What are the benefits of being a Labster faculty advisor?​​

In addition to connecting with fellow Labster faculty teaching STEM courses across the globe, Labster faculty advisors have a voice in our product roadmap by providing feedback directly to the Labster team. Network members can:

  • Network with fellow STEM faculty around the globe
  • Help solve industry challenges
  • Help make Labster better – voice quality issues, improve digital experience, inform product planning and prioritization

What are the obligations of being a Labster faculty advisor?​​

The level of individual involvement is at advisors’ complete discretion, and advisors can leave at any time. From time to time Labster may ask for the following, but advisors are not required to participate:

  • Act as a reference for potential Labster clients
  • Participate in thought leadership initiatives (ie. case studies, conference co-presenters, testimonials, webinar participants, blog posts)
  • Learn/share best practices and use cases with fellow members
  • Respond to occasional surveys and polls

How often should I expect requests from Labster as a faculty advisor?

While the frequency of requests will vary throughout the year, depending on the relevance of specific initiatives, Labster will be mindful to limit inquiries so as not to make participation in the network burdensome. Should you ever feel that the Labster team is asking too much of you as a faculty advisory, please let us know and we will adjust communications as necessary.

How many faculty advisors will be in the network?

To start, Labster is limiting membership to 15 – 25 advisors to ensure it is a constructive forum for all participants. In time, we hope to grow the network into a thriving community of Labster users.

What will be the platform used to communicate? ​

Once the initial faculty advisors are confirmed, Labster will send a questionnaire to network members to determine the best communication platform based on member feedback.

Will I be required to travel as a faculty advisor?

Travel is not required for faculty advisors. That said, if a faculty advisor decides to co-present with Labster at a conference session, there may be travel involved.

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