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Get 3 months of free access to Labster’s virtual laboratories. The labs offer a unique resource for teaching STEM subjects by utilizing immersive lab simulations. From the sign-ups, we’ll draw 10 teachers, who will be given access to all Labster content for their class for one term!

Labster creates simulations that provide a realistic lab experience. This allows students to gain experience in a laboratory setting, so they can become familiar with procedures and techniques before they enter a physical lab. The simulations can easily be set up using only a computer and an internet connection.

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About Labster

Labster is a company that was founded in Denmark in 2012 with a mission to help increase learning outcomes, student engagement and enhance the education of science students globally.

Our simulations are being used by 150+ institutions worldwide, including Stanford University, MIT, Imperial College London, and University of Hong Kong.

About the simulations

Our fully interactive simulations cover all major STEM subjects and are available directly on the desktop browser. The lab simulations are based on real-life case stories combined with an immersive 3D universe and a scoring system that matches core learning goals.

Our simulations have been proven to increase student outcomes and enhance the student’s experience with science.

You can find more information in our full simulation catalogue:

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