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About Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs are interactive science simulations that accelerate STEM learning through gamification. Educators assign labs to students through their internet browsers, where students can train lab skills, visualize abstract theory, and learn science through real-world scenarios. 80% of students using Labster reported that it made them more likely to stay enrolled in STEM. Even non-majors have experienced greater success due to the gamified science labs, building confidence and leading to vastly improved grades.

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What are Virtual Labs?
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Unlock the Potential of Your STEM Program

24/7 Science Campus in the Cloud

Reach beyond the limits of your facilities with a multimillion-dollar lab that reduces costs and boosts retention.

Students Step into the Shoes of Real Scientists

Offer students a glimpse into an exciting STEM career through simulations where they experience the thrill of solving real-world challenges.

Empower Students to Learn at Their Own Pace

Students can try simulations as many times as they need to master content, improve grades, and stay enrolled.

Boost Teaching with Active Learning

Gamified assignments, contextualized scenarios, and automated assessments augment traditional teaching methods to engage learners and save faculty time.