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Labster’s Principles simulations cover the most essential concepts in biology, chemistry and physics. Ideal for high school courses, students get a realistic lab experience that will let them perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment. Watch the video to learn what Labster can offer.

Introduce Science Principles with Virtual Labs

Bring the world of science into the classroom or enable students to bring learning home with Labster’s virtual science lab content. No need for additional hardware or lab equipment; access these labs on any laptops, and spark creativity in students with this innovative and interactive way to explore science.

Explore Our High School Packages


HS Biology

Learn about the basics of life and living organisms in our principles of biology simulations. Study life from genes and cells to what drives evolution. Dive into the many layers of biology to discover what life is, and what it means for living beings’ existence on earth.

build atom

HS Chemistry

Learn about the elements that make up our universe in our principles of chemistry simulations. Discover how atoms interact via chemical bonds to form compounds. Study the structure of atoms and molecules and discover different techniques in the chemistry lab.​


HS Physics

Learn about the fundamental entities that govern the physical world around us in our principles of physics simulations. Study the electromagnetic spectrum, understand Newton’s laws of motion and learn to manipulate the different formulae for energy.

Read the Virtual Labs in Science Education whitepaper

This whitepaper lays out the need for change in science education and highlights the unique advantages virtual laboratories offer while also addressing the skepticism surrounding their use. Throughout the whitepaper you’ll find published research studies evaluating the effectiveness of virtual labs, as well as first-hand case studies from independent educators who have used virtual labs in their courses.

The whitepaper covers:

  • 5 challenges of today’s science education
  • How virtual labs can improve learning and teaching
  • Skepticism surrounding virtual labs
  • Effectiveness of virtual labs: what does the research say?

What the professors say

"It’s been really helpful for me as a teacher to use the virtual labs and get through topics that require visualization and physical practice. They are essentially getting a level of experience that I was not exposed to until my thesis work in graduate school.”
“One of the things that I’ve been enjoying about Labster as an instructor is the flexibility to direct students to different variables as suits my curriculum.”

Watch the Teaching with Virtual Labs webinar

Teaching with Virtual Labs: Inspiration and Best Practices

Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT

In this webinar Helen Gadegaard, Customer Success Manager at Labster and formerly a university lecturer in Life Sciences, will share useful insights and best practices that she has acquired from working with countless professors around the world who are using Labster.

Radically improving science education


Improves student retention and outcomes

unlimited access to instrumentation

Unlimited access to instrumentation

laboratory access

Convenient laboratory access

3D animation

Fun and engaging 3D animations

tracking progress

Easy tracking of progress & feedback


Integrates with your LMS


Suitable for course re-designs


Dedicated customer support


Aligns with core science curriculum

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