About Labster

Sienna Senyo

Customer Success Manager

Sienna describes herself as an advocate for her customers. Since educators have very limited time and a lot of competing responsibilities, she sees it as her top priority to help make their jobs easier.  

She is proud that both Labster and UbiSim give instructors a way to expose their students to scenarios and advanced equipment they might not otherwise have access to. Getting to learn a little about science and nursing from great teachers is a bonus! Another great part of her job is getting to work remotely with colleagues around the world while she gets to be at home with her husband, kids, and two dogs.

Sienna personally prefers to do business with people who are down-to-earth and genuine, and she aspires to make the same kind of connection with her own customers.

Deliver a Learning Advantage For All Students

Enhance Learning Outcomes

Virtual labs empower STEM programs to boost test scores and prepare students for long-term academic success.
Drive student success

Increase Student Retention

Use active learning to support student motivation, improve test scores, and reduce attrition.
Help students persist

Boost Student Engagement

Labster provides a stimulating, 3D learning experience that increases student interest and heightens focus.
Build student confidence

Maximize Budget

Virtual labs offer creative ways to maximize resources, expand courses, and enhance program sustainability.
Balance STEM costs

Support Career Readiness

Enhance students’ academic success, build their self confidence, and increase their interest in STEM careers.
Nurture a career focus

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