Learn Science

with engaging virtual laboratory simulations

Why choose Labster?

With a subscription to Labster, you get access to Labster's entire simulation catalog. The simulations cover everything from biology and medicine to physics and chemistry. With Labster's simulations, you can:
  • Improve your understanding of difficult science topics
  • Save money on expensive textbooks and tutors
  • Get more practical experience before working in a real lab
  • And most importantly, have fun while learning!

What is Labster?

Labster is a learning tool for high school and university level students that makes learning science easier and more fun. Labster has more than 70 virtual lab simulations, each covering important science topics. You can see all of the simulations currently available in our simulation catalog.

What is a virtual lab simulation?

When we say virtual lab simulation, we mean a type of learning game that simulates a laboratory. Each simulation takes place in a virtual lab with different lab equipment, depending on what the simulation is about.

What can Labster give me that a textbook can’t?

In each virtual lab, you’ll get a true-to-life mission to complete. You’ll be introduced to different virtual characters who play a role in your mission. 3D animations will take you to the molecular level and show you things otherwise not visible to the human eye. Throughout the simulation, which usually takes around 45 minutes to complete, you’ll also be quizzed to make sure you understand the most important concepts. You can always find help in the theory, which is available on your virtual lab pad, and you will also get assistance from your virtual lab partner, Marie, or your drone, Dr. One.

Why should I try Labster?

Labster gives you a unique opportunity to work in a lab, try out techniques, and experiment with machines that you otherwise don’t have access to before you finish an education. You can use Labster to get a better understanding of difficult topics, to get more practical experience, or just to have fun and experiment in a virtual world where you can make as many mistakes as you like!

“A great way to learn, because it can be very hard if you are just taught the theory – here you can try it yourself.”
biology student at Exeter University
“A very innovative, immersive learning experience. It allows you to be more confident before going to the real laboratory. It’s mind-blowing!”
biology student at Exeter University
“More people should know about this! Some students don’t really like science and this tool is amazing to get students passionate about science by making it fun and easy to learn.”
biology student at Exeter University