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Learn science faster. Get better grades

Learn faster by playing fun 3D science games in your own million-dollar 3D laboratory!

Study at your own pace

Study with our many simulations whenever you need it. No complicated administration, and unlimited access.

Award-winning simulations

Our simulations have won multiple awards, ensuring that you are studying using the best possible tools.

Retain information better

Studying with Labster leads to better retention of the material you learn. See here.

High School Only Package

Includes only high school simulations
  • Access to high school simulations 

  • Study independently and at your own pace

  • Play each simulations as many times as you like

For Institutions

Request pricing information
  • For institutions looking to purchase access for multiple students 
  • Our institutional offerings integrates with LMS systems such as Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn and many more.
  • Includes full teacher and student dashboards

  • Training for your instructors on how to benefit the most from virtual simulations

If you are enrolled in a class and instructed by your teacher to use Labster, please make sure you use the signup information that has been provided by your teacher. Otherwise, your teacher will not be able to follow your progress and achievements, and you may need to purchase a license twice.

These are the simulations included in the High School Package: High School Simulation Catalog.

Your subscription will renew automatically after the purchased timeframe. If you want to cancel your subscription, just write an email to stating your email account and that you want to cancel your subscription. The subscription will then end after the purchased timeframe.