Azo Dye Test: Identify primary aromatic amines

Our lab recently relocated and some chemical labels were damaged during the move. Help us to reorganize our box of amines by performing the azo dye test. Use your results to determine if the unknown amine is a primary aromatic amine or not.

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About This Simulation

Help us to reorganize our mislabelled box of amines! In this simulation, you will learn how to perform the Azo dye test to identify primary aromatic amines. We’ll start with our reagents, pick out everything you’ll need from a line up of familiar lab chemicals. Next let's get stuck into some practical science! Perform the test by mixing, pipetting and cooling our chemicals then marvel at the colorful results. Finally, let's check if you got all of that; reconstruct the steps of the experiment in our interactive card game to prove you’re an Azo Dye pro!

You’re our Primary Amine Detective

Discover the reagents you’ll need to perform the Azo Dye test for primary aromatic amines. Next you’ll master the steps of the test by performing them yourself. Finally you will learn what a positive test looks like and conclude the nature of the mystery substance.

Become a Lab Skills Pro

Bored of following instructions? In this simulation we encourage you to figure some crucial steps out on your own; you learn best when you discover the answer yourself! Don’t worry, help isn’t too far away with Dr. One and the help button is ready to provide assistance with one click of your mouse.

Hunting for a Color Change

We’re on the lookout for our mislabelled bottle of primary amines. We suspect we’ve found the right bottle but you need to confirm our suspicion. If our hunch is right your test should be complete after you see a vibrant color change.

Explore Azo Dye Test: Identify primary aromatic amines Virtual Lab Simulation

Identify the reagents
Starting the test
Test your knowledge
The final result

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