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Genetics Virtual Lab Simulations

Animal Genetics

In the Animal Genetics simulation, you will learn about Mendelian inheritance and how a mutation in the DNA can give rise to an altered phenotype. …


In the Cytogenetics lab, you start out in an ultrasound examination room where a young mother-to-be receives an abnormal ultrasound result. Your ta…

Invertebrate Model System

A patient with a deformed head is examined at the hospital. You are asked by the doctors to find the genetic defect responsible for this rare condi…

Medical Genetics

In the Medical Genetics Lab, you will learn about Mendelian genetics, linkage analysis and finding the defected gene in a family with hereditary br…

Mendelian Inheritance

In the Mendelian Inheritance lab, you will learn the principles of Mendelian inheritance. You will learn how Mendel’s postulates can be applied i…

Monogenic Disorders

Cystic Fibrosis is a type of monogenic disorder caused by a mutation in both copies of the CFTR gene (Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Reg…

How it works

A million dollar lab in your browser

You can now perform advanced experiments to achieve core science learning outcomes. Theory and practise is connected in a novel way, and all you need is a computer/laptop and a browser!

Our simulations run even on older laptops and computers, and you will be able to play our simulations without having to install any browser plugins.

See detailed minimum requirements here.

100s of hours of science learning content

Explore many different science topics at your pace and difficulty level.

Our virtual laboratory simulations are aimed at university, college and high school level, within fields such as Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics and many more.

With unlimited access to more than 60 different full simulations, you will have hundreds of hours of fun, innovative and high quality learning content available to you.

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