Meiosis: Understand how traits are inherited

Time to complete course: 37 min.

About the Meiosis Virtual Lab Simulation

Join an IVF lab to help Martin and Charlotte have a baby. In this simulation, you will learn how traits are inherited and how meiosis contributes to genetic diversity in the population. You will use microscopy to study the process of cell division. You will discover the key differences between meiosis and mitosis and find out how these processes contribute to forming, growing and repairing the human body.

Meet Martin and Charlotte in the clinic

Meet Martin and Charlotte as they have an appointment to discuss IVF treatment and then join the clinic’s lab to understand meiosis before assisting in the IVF process. Learn how gametes are formed and how they fuse in fertilization.

Use microscopy to study meiosis

Prepare a sample of a lily anther for microscopy and study the phases of meiosis. Then compare meiosis and mitosis and learn how each of these processes contributes to human reproduction. You will complete interactive diagrams of both meiosis and mitosis to create a visual overview for yourself. 

Follow the IVF process

Once you fully understand how gametes are formed through meisosis, you will follow the process of fertilization. Screen the resulting embryos to see both sets of parental chromosomes combine to a full set of pairs. Will you be able to help Martin and Charlotte have a healthy baby?

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Follow a couple as they go through IVF treatment in order to have a baby. Understand how traits are inherited from one generation to the next and how cell division plays an important role in forming, growing and repairing the human body.

Techniques In Lab

  • Sample preparation
  • Microscopy

Learning Objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…

  • Outline how traits are inherited
  • Use the microscope to observe the phases of meiosis and understand their main characteristics
  • Compare phases and outcomes of mitosis and meiosis
  • Evaluate how meiosis and mitosis build and maintain a complex organism
  • Understand the basics of assisted reproduction technology

Screenshots of Meiosis Virtual Lab Simulation


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