Mixtures: Homogeneous or heterogeneous? Virtual Lab

Find different mixtures on an alien planet and use your knowledge of mixtures and compounds to determine if they are safe to drink. Can you survive long enough to escape the planet?

  • High School

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About This Simulation

You have crash landed onto an alien world! In this simulation, you will need to learn about mixtures and compounds in order for you and your companion to survive. First, you will need to find a few mixtures you think you can drink. Then you need to determine if these mixtures are safe to drink already, or if they need some preparation.

Find homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures

You might have crashed onto an alien world, but you still have high-tech equipment available to you. After finding three different mixtures, you will shrink down to the size of a molecule and enter a miniature spaceship called the shuttle scope. Travel between the mixtures in the shuttle scope and discover the differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. 

Compare mixtures and compounds

You will need to investigate what is in each mixture to learn if it is safe to drink. Luckily the shuttle scope has robot arms, and these can be used to push and pull the different compounds in your mixtures. Using the robot arms to experiment with your mixtures will help you to learn the key difference between compounds and mixtures. You’ll find out which mixtures are safe as you explore!

Which mixture can you drink?

After you journey in the shuttle scope, you will size back up to a regular size. With the knowledge you gained, you will now have a plan to make a drink that is safe for you and your companion. Will you and your companion survive and escape this mysterious planet?

Explore Mixtures: Homogeneous or heterogeneous? Virtual Lab Simulation

Explore an alien world you crashed on
Collect samples of different liquids you could drink
Investigate different types of mixtures on the molecular level
Play with molecules to understand key definitions

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