SO: Uplifted Conference

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Session 1: What's New from Labster

Watch this recording for some exciting updates from the Labster Product Team! Our hosts describe Labster’s latest product releases and offer a glimpse into what’s coming soon for educators and students in July 2021 and beyond. Topics include:

  • New and upcoming simulations and supplemental learning content (including 15+ new virtual labs in July 2021)
  • Updates on simulations translations and accessibility
  • Forthcoming changes to the way you access Labster
  • And more coming your way for an amazing 2021-2022!

Session 2A: An Introduction to Labster

Explore what Labster’s virtual science labs look like, what evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of teaching with Labster, how simulations allow your students to safely apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, and why science educators choose Labster to support their teaching. Get a feel for what your students will experience, where they can access theory to learn and help answer embedded quiz questions, how automatic grading works, and which curriculum resources would work best for you.

Session 2B: Teacher Talk - High School

Are you up for some straight talk directly from a fellow high school science teacher who uses Labster? Watch this recording to get Emily Dehoff’s best ideas for how to get the most out of virtual labs. Learn the pros and cons of teaching high school science with virtual simulations. Find out how she really teaches with virtual labs, how her students respond, and what learning outcomes she’s had.

Session 2C: Teacher Talk - Higher Ed

Have you ever wondered how students actually learn from simulations? As a strong proponent of experiential learning, Dr. Amber Kool decided to conduct research to answer this question. What she discovered may come as a surprise.
It turns out that learning may not take place during the simulation as much as after. And even more surprising, students are not the only ones who are impacted by simulations – instructors often find their roles shifting when they teach with virtual science labs. Find out more when Dr. Kool shares her findings about teaching with simulations as well as her experience assigning Labster to students at the Arizona College of Nursing.

Session 3: Behind-the-Scenes: Making New Science Simulations

Where do the ideas for a science simulation come from? Who thinks of them? What are the criteria that go into creating them? If you’ve played our virtual labs before, you’ll never look at them quite the same way again after this backstage journey into our development process.

Session 4: Lift-off into Your Summer: Meet Astronaut Mike Massimino

Hear the inspiring story of a fellow science educator who happens to be a former NASA astronaut: Mike Massimo. Don’t miss feeling uplifted by this fascinating session where you’ll find out:

  • How Mike’s high school physics teacher inspired him to pursue STEM education
  • How Mike persevered to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut despite being told “no” three times
  • Why Mike decided to become a science educator
  • How Mike relied on training with computer-based simulations to prepare for missions to the International Space Station
  • Why Mike returned to teaching after achieving his dream of being an astronaut
  • What Mike tells his undergraduate students about having a career in STEM

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