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Carlin’s Commitment to Education is Equal Parts Competition & Compassion

A chance meeting on an airplane changed the course of Carlin’s career.

What is your favorite part about being a member of the Labster team?

There are two things that are really fulfilling about working at Labster. Every time I think I do something really great as a sales executive, within 30 minutes, there’s somebody else who does something just that much greater. And that’s really inspiring for a competitive person like myself. On the other hand, it also fulfills a need I have to give back to the community. I could be selling a lot of things, but when I’m selling Labster, what I’m really selling is students’ access to education. 

Carlin is Labsters Regional Director for New Jersey and Delaware
Boy at Airplane

What made you choose a career in this field?

I have sold into the higher education market for a long time. A lot of people have asked me, “Why have you done it for so long? Why is this all you’ve ever done?” There’s an A and a B to that. 

A: Obviously, it’s a great market. Students, especially in the United States, are always trying to achieve a good education. There is always going to be a market for that. 

B: It was actually because of an experience I had back in 2012. I was flying home from a sales meeting on behalf of my previous company. Company-wide and industry-wide, it was a really tough year. I was having all of these thoughts in my head as I boarded the flight, like ‘is this the time to get out of education?’

At the same time, a family with two children came and took up the remainder of my row in the airplane. As the flight took off, I began to realize that the child sitting next to me had some sort of a developmental disability where sensory issues were really irritating to him. 

He was getting more and more nervous and disturbed, and started to get frustrated. I noticed him looking at my iPad. His mother seemed to be trying to find something to give him, so I handed him my iPad thinking it might keep him occupied in the meantime.

Right away, this 9 year old boy goes through all my apps and tells me that my iPad is boring. Then, his mother finds his own iPad and gives it to him. He gives me mine back and I watch him calmly start going through math apps and learning Spanish.

“And at that moment, it hit me: Education technology was making a difference in that boy’s life. I decided from that day on that I would stay in this industry.” – Carlin Robinson

If that boy had never sat there, I would be in a different career.

What makes a good sales demo?

Conversation. There are some very simple needs we need to uncover. In my experience, it’s easier to do that in a relaxed atmosphere when we are having a real conversation. And really the ultimate purpose for a demo is finding out, “Does this meet your goals? Can we help you get there?” Because there are a lot of barriers that can prevent students from getting access to labs, from the pandemic to inclement weather.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to do anything outside in the snow. My family lives in Northern Wisconsin so we do snowmobiling and things like that. When I’m here on the East Coast, I’m pretty simple. Concerts are kind of limited right now but I’m a big music person. In general, I’m up for anything. I’ll try anything once.

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