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Teacher with Laptop

Back to School 2021: Tech Tools That Really Help

Back to School: Start Here in Fall 2021

Labster announces update July 2021

Announcing New Labster Content – July 2021 Product Update

Women in STEM illustration

Inspiring the next generation of women in STEM: GiSTEM

illustration of woman with question marks

11 Questions to Ask Before Buying Virtual Labs

Use Federal Funds to Pay for Labster

How to Use Federal Funding to Buy Edtech Tools (2021)

Labster collaborative learning edtech tools

How to use Labster for collaborative learning – 8 tools for your edtech toolkit

Woman at laptop with new product launch on screen

Platform Update: Expanding Beyond Simulations

face-to-face teaching with Labster

Back to the New Normal: Face-to-Face Teaching with Labster


Fuel Student Engagement with Labster Game-Based Learning


The next milestone in democratizing science education

Teacher in front of computer with videoconference

K-12 Science Teachers: New PD Opportunities Are Here!

Illustration of raised hands and question marks

Need Labster Quiz Answers? (Hint: Read the Theory Pages)

illusttration of a group of people with disabilities

Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Virtual Laboratory

Labster Lab Manuals and Animated Videos

Labster’s New Virtual Lab Manuals and Short Videos Help You Scaffold Virtual Lab Learning

2020: an Unexpected Test

Labster Receives Award for Outstanding Contribution to Quality Science Education

North Dakota University System Partners with Labster to Provide Virtual Labs

Photo of a California welcome sign

California State University System Partners with Labster to Provide Virtual Labs

Screenshots of speakers at the 2020 Science Online Conference

Teaching Science in 2020: 10 Things You Need to Know


New Organic Chemistry Virtual Labs (plus Biology Labs and “mini” Simulations!)

Science Online So: Inspired Conference October 14 2020

The (SO):Inspired Conference Will Empower Science Educators Like You

Teacher sitting in front of laptop taking notes on a pad of paper

COVID 201: Teaching science as the pandemic continues

woman on computer video classroom

Back to School 2020: Tech You’ll Actually Use

Google Mobile Search now displaying Labster 3D chemistry visualizations

Teenage girl seated at desk at home in front of a computer displaying a Labster simulation

Labster recognized for pandemic response

Biosafety: Step inside the labs testing the novel coronavirus


Labster partners with California Community Colleges to make virtual science labs available for 2.1 million students

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: Preparing Students for Laboratories with Virtual Simulations

New In: Labster’s Latest Simulations

University of Copenhagen: Bringing Case Stories to Life with Virtual Labs

Lab Safety Training with Virtual Labs

COVID-19: Essential resources for educators to bring your science class online fast

New In: Labster's Science Principles Simulations

New In: Feature upgrades and building a community for educators

Taylor’s University: Paving the way towards personalizing science education

How to move a traditional science course online

Corning Community College: Enhancing online chemistry courses with virtual labs

University of Essex: Preparing STEM students for university with virtual labs

University of Ottawa: Scaling Chemistry Courses with Virtual Labs

EDUKAN: Improving Student Access to Science Education with Virtual Labs

Utrecht University: Driving Student Ownership of Learning with Virtual Labs

Portsmouth University Library

My Labster Experience: Gavin Knight, University of Portsmouth

My Labster Experience: Dr. Bina Rai, Singapore University of Technology and Design

My Labster Experience: Cindy Malone, California State University, Northridge

My Labster Experience: Andrés Garzón, Universidad Pablo de Olavide

The end of Adobe Flash Player: Will your classroom be impacted?

My Labster Experience: Monica Westley, Marymount California University

My Labster Experience: Samantha Lee, Singapore Polytechnic

My Labster Experience: Ana Barral, National University

My Labster Experience: Carmen Nußbaumer, Management Center Innsbruck

My Labster Experience: Mike Angilletta, Arizona State University

My Labster Experience: Tom Haffie, Western University

My Labster Experience: Harmony Clayton, Taylors College

Reducing Labster’s carbon footprint one small step at a time

Watch Webinar: Teaching with Virtual Labs

Watch Webinar: Teaching chemistry with Labster’s Virtual Labs

Labster Partners with WisMon to empower science students throughout the Benelux

Classroom with students on computers

Labster announces partnership with Danish Ministry of Education to provide virtual labs to schools across the country

Watch Webinar: Can VR Simulations replace traditional science labs?

Labster raises $21 million to empower even more science students around the world with engaging virtual labs

My Labster Experience: Joel Yager Humphrey, Cayuga Community College

Watch Webinar: New Chemistry Simulations

Watch Webinar: The Future of EdTech

My Labster Experience: Philippos Savvides, Arizona State University

My Labster Experience: Suzanna Katz, Staten Island Academy

My Labster Experience: Marta Frisardi, University of New England

How far we’ve come and where we’re headed

My Labster Experience: Pirjo Spuul, Tallinn University of Technology

My Labster Experience: Teresa Artho, GBS St. Gallen

Springer and Labster partner to bring the future of science education to thousands of German students

Our Labster Experience: Laurie Harrison, University of Toronto

Teaching in virtual learning environments

My Labster Experience: Caroline Smith, University of Westminster

My Experience with Labster: Brian Harfe, University of Florida

Nature: Simulated labs are booming

What students really think: 7 things the best teachers do

Watch webinar: My Labster Experience

Professor using Labster wins faculty award for innovation

Labster Recommends: Our favorite simulations so far

Labster VR is here: Experience our new VR simulations developed in partnership with Daydream by Google

5 ways to get students energized about cellular respiration

My experience with Labster: Sabine Matallana-Surget, Stirling University

What students really think: The 6 most common barriers to an effective and enjoyable lab class

Assessing the impact of Labster on your students: Non-cognitive learning outcomes

Assessing the impact of Labster on your students: Cognitive learning outcomes

My Labster Experience: Paul Kasili, Bunker Hill Community College

Curriculum alignment: How will our simulations fit your course?

Chemistry Safety Labster

Chemistry lab safety rules: How to stay safe

Meet Dr. One: Labster’s new lab companion

Updating Labster's visual identity

Webinar: Flipped teaching

Pipette like a pro

zSpace and Labster partner

Labster 2.0: Experience the new Labster!

My Labster Experience: Kambiz Hamadani, California State University

Labster Recommends: 11 of our favorite, must-watch TED Talks

How schools can increase student interest in STEM careers

Students learn twice as much with Labster

5 lessons that will prepare your students for real lab work

Bridging the Gap: classroom theory vs real world practice

Simulations in learning: Bridging theory and practice

Google and Labster team up to offer VR in classrooms around the world

Classroom with students on computers

How you can use Labster to engage your students

Teacher writing reflection

A time for teachers to reflect – Let Labster help!

bored students

5 ways to increase student engagement

How to use blended learning in your classroom

Ipad and textbook blended learning example

Blended learning: What is it and why should you try it?

Labster Recommends: 10 inspiring social media profiles you should be following

Experimental design: Learn how to solve problems like a real scientist

How to study for AP Biology: Mitosis and meiosis

Will VR change education for the better?

VR in higher ed isn’t hype. It’s here to help.

Pearson and Labster Partner to Make Gamified Learning Accessible to Millions of High School Students Across the Country

Lavola partners with Labster to provide students across the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America with access to award-winning virtual labs

Cell culture: The immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks

Labster Recommends: The 18 most inspiring and life-changing movies we have seen

Biosafety: Learn how to stay safe around dangerous pathogens

Meet the axolotl

From one teacher to another: My learning path to Labster

Lab safety rules: 5 things you need to remember when working in a lab

CAR T-cell therapy: Teaching an old immune system new tricks to fight cancer

Labster Recommends: 13 books every student should read

5 benefits of online learning

Should we set students up for failure?

Democratizing education

How science teachers can use storytelling

Why storytelling is important in education

VR student

The state of immersive technology in education

Why gamification in the classroom is such a good idea (and what Labster is doing about it)

How to improve your grades without studying more

Labster partners with Panama STEM to empower science students in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Perú

Labster partners with MediaTouch to empower science students throughout Italy and Malta


Labster raises $10m in series A funding to bring virtual lab simulations to students around the world

Labster co-creates virtual lab with students

Labster Founder Mads Bonde wins Innovator of the Year award

Michael Bodekær

Labster's TEDx Talk reaches one million views

Michael Bodekær

The holy grail of virtual reality: A complete suspension of disbelief

Can technology fix the challenges facing STEM programs?

Cramming for exams: is it worth it?

How to run a learnathon

Why the future of education is in active learning, not passive

Watch Labster Founder and CTO Michael Bodekaer's talk at TEDxCERN

STEM education has a retention problem, not a student problem

A teacher's introduction to the flipped classroom

Say goodbye to analog, the future is digital education

What the future of STEM education could look like

Labster at Digital Assembly 2015 & EdTech Europe 2015

5 ways for students to stay focused and avoid distractions

3 ways to make STEM education more engaging

Crime Scene Investigation detective

What CSI can teach students about DNA sequencing

How VR will change education forever

My Labster Experience: Kim Failor, Stanford Online High School

Engineering Organ Regeneration and Stem Cells

Programming cells like computer code

The big picture: science e-learning and virtual laboratories

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