Train Your Brain: Labster’s ultimate guide to improving your memory

How does your brain learn best, and how do you utilize that information to get focused, increase the amount of information that goes into your brain, and keep it from escaping again?

Are you studying for a test, trying to memorize a presentation, or merely trying to improve your memory and learning skills? – If so, this is the guide for you!

Over the course of five days, we’ll take you through Labster’s five SMART steps for getting to know your brain better and optimizing your memory and learning outcomes.

So let us start by quickly giving you an overview of the SMART framework.

The SMART student model consists of the following 5 key areas that you will soon learn to master:

SMART memorization model

Please spend a few seconds to look at the illustration of the model above. Then close your eyes and see if you can recall the 5 steps by using each letter as a reminder.

Once you can do this, your mind has completed the first step that will help you get the most out of the many tricks in this guide!

The next step is to attach some meaning to each of the 5 areas you will learn about.

As you go through the brief explanation below, attempt to see the respective letter/word each time in your mind, to help your brain organize the information automatically.


Every single person, be it a student or non-student, has a special way of learning – this is called your personal learning style.

As the first step in this model, we will help you understand how your brain works by determining which learning style you have.

Find out what your personal learning style is here.


After understanding how your brain functions, we will show you the memorization tricks that are best for you to use.

This second step is the critical part of the model, where you will learn very powerful ways to use your mind effectively in order to store and recall lists of information, and even whole books, easily.

Discover the best methods for memorizing things here.


When you have learned and understood how you can best memorize new information, we will show you the most effective ways to acquire or take-in new information.

This includes the best ways to read effectively (which is not necessarily the fastest!) and also tricks on how to improve your environment (e.g. should you listen to music or not?).

This will help make you a laser-focused learner.

Get the best tips and tricks for acquiring new information here. 


Once you know how to memorize and acquire new information in the best way for you, we will need to make sure that you have the right energy and level of concentration when you are studying.

This part includes everything from simple concentration tricks to breathing exercises and nutrition advice, which will help you stay concentrated and energized, even during the most boring classes with mumbling teachers.

Find out how to boost your concentration and energy levels here.


In this final step, we will show you how to prioritize and shorten the time you spend on your many daily tasks.

This is a goodie-bag of helpful tricks for you, which will allow you to get much more out of your time – even when you are not studying.

Learn how to prioritize your time better here.

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