Platform Update: Expanding Beyond Simulations

If you thought you knew everything Labster offers, think again. Starting today, Labster customers have access to an entire ecosystem of expanded science learning resources that complement our core science simulations. Our new offerings include a library of 3D science animations, 1000s of science images, short-duration simulations adapted from lengthier virtual labs, lab manuals, lab reports, and more. You will be able to build a full learning experience around each Labster simulation and add more relevant resources to your teaching toolkit, whether you are teaching with Labster in the lab, in class, or at home. 

New simulations

We just released 38 new simulations, covering a wide range of courses, bringing our total number of Labster simulations to 200! These simulations are adapted from existing full-length simulations and are focused on a specific concept or technique. These new, adapted simulations give you more control over the content that you are using in your classes. You also have the opportunity to go more in depth into specific concepts, without losing the signature Labster storytelling and interactive quizzes.

For example, our Photosynthesis and Respiration simulations have both been adapted to create new, short, focused simulations about the electron transport chain. You can now assign both electron transport chain simulations and have students compare and contrast them.

image of 38 new simulations and Labster lab reports

Collage of Labster product offerings coming in 2021

Beyond simulations

We are introducing a new library of thousands of science images to accompany each simulation, and enriching our library of 3D science animations, with about 20 additional videos on a wide range of topics. These topics range from tumor growth to spectrophotometry. This new content will allow you to extend your use of Labster in the classroom and provide students with new ways to visualize concepts. Each of Labster’s simulations now comes with a template lab report for students to reflect on what they’ve learned, and we continue to provide lab manuals to accompany all simulations. We will also soon have quiz questions without answers so students can use them as review or assessment.

Labster 3D Animations and Science Images

Reaching more educators and students

Labster is committed to making our content available to more educators and students from different backgrounds. We are excited to announce that more than a third of our simulations catalog are now accessible (including the 38 new ones). We are working hard to get most of our catalog translated into Spanish, German, French and Italian. From this spring, we will start releasing translated simulations in these languages on a rolling basis.

The Labster experience

As we expand our content offerings, we want to make sure you are able to find the content you need and have a seamless experience. 

We are making it easier for you to find the right simulation. On the Faculty Resource Page simulations catalog, you will now be able to see curriculum alignment, accessibility status, and languages available. 

We are continuously updating and upgrading our existing simulations to improve the playing experience. Over the past year, our overall student rating for simulations has increased 34% and we will continue to make this even better.

You might be wondering how all this new Labster content can integrate with your class. The good news is that you have the power to decide how this content can work with your already established methods of teaching. We have put together some ideas for how this new content can be used for exploration of new concepts, collaborative work, and reflection. The possibilities are endless! 

Fill out this form to get ideas for teaching with new Labster content!

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