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Our last Webinar with Dr. Helen Gadegaard (02/05/2017)

Our last Webinar was hosted by Aaron Knox from Customer Development at Labster and featured Dr. Helen Gadegaard who joined us from the University of Glasgow, where she teaches Microbiology. Aaron and Professor Gadegaard chat about how the students at the University of Glasgow utilize Labster and she answered questions as to how your students can benefit from using Labster, too!

Dr. Gadegaard also talks about the importance of implementing digital learning into education programs and how she was immediately blown away by Labster’s relevance. She also discusses the students levels of intrinsic motivation after being provided with Labster as an option for learning, and she reviews some real-life feedback from the students who had the opportunity to use the software.

If you want to also watch our first webinar, you can rewatch our previous webinar with our Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bodekær on ‘How Labster’s Virtual Science Laboratories Create Better Student Outcomes’ on Youtube here.

Please contact Yater Dabbo ( if you have any questions about this webinar, or if there is a specific theme you’d like us to host a webinar about. We love to receive your messages and create webinars on things that you are interested in!

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