Virtual laboratories for High School and College

HPLC – Fermentation – Medical Genetics – Molecular Cloning – Chromatography – Enzyme Kinetics – Cytogenetics – Next Generation Sequencing

  • Increase learning outcomes by more than 70%*
  • Improved student motivation and engagement
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Lower costs

*Nature Biotechnology 32, 694–697 (2014) Improving biotech education through gamified laboratory simulations


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Appeal to various learning styles & make curriculum planning more efficient

Structured for accelerated and integrated learning, Labster’s innovation lies in its  ability to fascinate students with story-based cases, outstanding design, and the unlimited freedom to explore the full lab experience.



Save resources, support instructors & stay current

Labster is a pioneering teaching tool that allows students to put theory into practice before they ever step into a wet-lab, saving schools thousands of dollars while optimizing the learning experience. 



Improve Theory Comprehension, Keep focused & Have Fun

Students can spill reagents, mix combustible materials and enjoy limitless lab time! Whether they are reconstructing an ancient caveman or modifying yeast genetics, Labster gives them the flexibility to experiment and learn at their own pace.


88out of 100 students say Labster can be a good supplement to regular teaching.

101higher learning achieved when combining Labster and lectures.

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