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DNA Sequencing



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Case story:

250 medicine students use Labster Medical Genetics lab

Aarhus university in Denmark used Labster's Medical Genetics lab to teach their students about breast cancer, tumor suppressor, oncogenes, BRCA1/2, PCR, gel electrophoresis and more.
The students completed a survey after the lecture, and 88% said Labster was very exciting and 98% said the real-life interactive cases helped them relate to and retain all the theoretical learning.

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Students and teachers love Labster

Martin Thomsen

Student at Technical University of Denmark

You get near-to practical experience with the DNA sampling and preparation.
It fills in the black box you never really learn if you haven’t tried lab work which we rarely do.

Kate Spohr

Education Manager at Berkeley

“High schools, community colleges, and universities have an urgent need for innovative, effective and engaging learning tools that teach core lab skills and concepts used in molecular biology. The self-paced nature of Labster makes it particularly useful to a broad range of students from varied backgrounds”

Kim Failor

Educator at Stanford

“One of the things that I’ve been enjoying about Labster as an instructor is the flexibility to direct students to different variables as suits my curriculum.”

Features & Benefits

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Next Generation Laboratory Education

Labster is a laboratory simulator where students engage with life science, biology and biotechnology experiments.

Labster simulates a fully equipped laboratory that students are rarely able to access in real life.

With Labster, you can perform advanced experiments that are too expensive, time-consuming or unsafe to perform in a physical lab.


Supplement or replace physical lab excercises

Labster can be used pre- or post-lab, in theoretical classes with no lab component, and as a replacement of physical lab excercises.


3D molecular animations

What happens at a molecular level in an experiments is invisible to the naked eye.

With Labster, 3D animations along with guided explanations, show what happens at the molecular level such as cell growth and DNA replication.


Real-world scenarios

Labster enhances motivation and carreer awareness by using real-world scenarios. For instance, you can convict a murderer with PCR and gel electrophoresis, investigate the condition “Asian Glow” with enzyme kinetics experiments and develop bioethanol from waste in a bioreactor.


Interactive Quiz

An interactive quiz with instant feedback provides a unique combination of learning, practice and assessment. For example, the students can answer questions about laboratory procedures, molecular understanding and reconstruction of the features of an ancient greenland man based on his genetics.


Proven learning efficiency

Labster have been developed through continuous assessment of learning efficiency (read our study), leading to an efficient and proven learning tool that simultaneously increases motivation and engagement.


Unlimited Possibilities

With Labster, every student have access to a fully equipped lab worth more than a million US dollars and unlimited free consumables and reagents.


Simulate real life

Experiments in Labster are simulated through mathematical models, allowing a realistic environment with real experimentation. Data can be downloaded for further processing with things like excel or bioinformatics approaches such as Genome Assembly.


Tailor-made cases and labs

With our flexible lab architecture, we can create new cases, experiments, machines and quiz questions for your teaching needs. Click here to request info about a case you have in mind.


Open-ended learning environment

Making mistakes are risk-free and part of the learning process in Labster. Students can freely interact with reagents and machines, and conduct experiments with unexpected outcomes.

No danger, no costs – you can fail and learn as much as you want.


Anyone, any device

Using Labster is simple. Just login and Labster will load in any browser on both Windows and Mac and we are even working on making an iPad and Android tablet version.

Students can access Labster both at school and from home.


Live teacher dashboard

Plan your own curriculum of cases, and see which students need help, which students are excelling, and which topics to focus on to improve overall class performance.


Personalized feedback

See your own strength and weaknesses and know exactly where to go next, so you advance and learn as quickly as possible.

Collect awards, badges and skills and compete for the highest score while you reconstruct ancient cavemen or modify cow genetics.


Help is always nearby

Everyone gets their own personal teacher with Labster.

Each student has a virtual assistant that’s always ready to help and answer questions; ask questions that allow students to reflect on the task at hand.


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Help Labster beta-test our newest cases in development! You will get access to the coolest new features in the labs before anyone else. You’ll also receive special offers when the cases go live. Click here to signup.