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How do students access Labster?

Labster is hosted online, which means that students only have to login from their internet browsers once an account is created.

How is Labster purchased?

Labster is only available for purchase by faculty and administration at academic institutions. To procure Labster, simply reach out to us on our website. Schedule a demo, book a meeting to discuss pricing, start a free trial, or simply fill out our contact form.

How is Labster different from other learning solutions?

Labster simulations are created by real scientists and designed with unparalleled interactivity. Unlike point and click competitors, Labster simulations immerse students and encourage mastery through active learning.

What types of courses does Labster support?

Labster supports a wide range of courses at the high school and university level across fields in biology, chemistry and physics. Some simulations mimic lab procedures with high fidelity to train foundational skills, while others are meant to bring theory to life through interactive scenarios.