What is the Community Campus?

The Labster Community Campus is designed specifically for teachers and professors, and is your space for developing your virtual simulation skills, connecting with other science educators, and gaining thought leadership opportunities; all while earning classroom rewards along the way. Community features include:

  • Fun, quick and stimulating activities to increase your success in and out of the classroom
  • Discussion forums to connect educators with each other and the Labster team
  • The Labster Academy certification program
  • Classroom rewards!

A gamified experience with a rewarding outcome

The Community Campus is a game-like experience (much like our virtual labs), developed to entertain and engage teachers. Challenges and activities are delivered to you based on your profile preferences like the level of education you teach, where you're located, and what your interests are.

Each challenge has a set amount of points. Complete the challenge, earn the points. Earn enough points and you can exchange them for rewards. Complete enough challenges, and you will earn badges of achievement. For our academically competitive members, the Labster Community Campus leaderboard tracks our members’ accomplishments.

Ensure Continuous Success

Connect with Peers and The Labster Team

A benefit of belonging to the Community Campus is having access to a network of STEM educators who are also Labster users. Our discussion forum is the perfect place to raise a community topic.

Ask about:
  • Virtual labs
  • Labster troubleshooting
  • Classroom tips
  • Student engagement
  • Educational resources and support
  • Funding and grants ... and other teaching questions you might have
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Enroll in the Labster Academy

Unique to this program, the Labster Academy is a 10-module training course that quizzes members on frequently asked questions and basic Labster functionality.

Once completed, you will receive an exclusive badge to add to your profile and a certificate of completion to add to your collection of prestigious awards. The Academy provides you with enough knowledge to feel comfortable teaching Labster to students and other staff members, and also gives you the tools and confidence to be a Labster Specialist within your organization and an advocate for the technology.

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Earn rewards for Your School and Classroom

The best part! Like we said earlier, complete challenges and earn points. Earn enough points and you can exchange them for rewards*. These perks can be used towards school and classroom use like, academic supplies, cleaning supplies, and room supplies.


Joining is free and you can opt out at any time. See you on Campus!

Earn Rewards in the Labster Community Campus

What our members are saying.

“There is an abundance of resources easily available to me, and it is fun to get rewarded for providing feedback & completing available challenges in the community.” - Nadine, Instructional Academic Staff, Wisconsin

“I learn about different ways other educators are successfully impacting student learning with Labster and other techniques. I also like sharing ideas and becoming better informed of simulations available to my students.” - Kerry, Phlebotomy Instructor, Louisiana

“Labster Community Campus is a place where like-minded, similar-goaled individuals "hang out" for fun. It is a safe environment where we can learn, ask questions, and grow.” Christina, High School Teacher, Florida

*Rewards vary by country. This program is only available for teachers and administrators. This program is not available for students or parents. Must be 18+ years old to join.