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Empowering the Next Generation
of Scientists to Change the World

Laboratory Simulations for Educators to Empower their STEM Students

Professors and students at more than 150 institutions globally trust Labster

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Harvard University Medical School

Improved motivation & engagement

Thousands of university and high school students use Labster every year as blended learning to spark their passion for STEM.


Preparing students for the real world

A recent study in Nature Biotechnology shows how students using Labster learned 101% more. Read the study here.

Tracking Progress & Feedback

Easily grade or track progress of students, and empower them to take control over their own learning.

True-to-life laboratory experience

Captivate students with relatable scenarios and 3D animations, visualizing life science down to the molecular level

Latest news from our blog

Labster Founder Mads Bonde Wins Innovator of the Year Award

Labster is thrilled to announce that Labster Founder and CEO, Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde, is the inaugural winner of Innovationsfonden's 2017 Innovator of the Year award. "Winning the Innovator of the Year prize from the Innovation Fund (Innovationsfonden) makes me...

2016 in Review; 2017 Moving (Quickly) Forward

Force equals mass times acceleration is as true in the natural world as it is in organizational dynamics. Here at Labster, we have roughly doubled in size each of the past two years and our 'acceleration' has grown exponentially; moving into 2017, we have a lot of...

Labster’s Reimagine Education Award Reflections

2016 has been a motivating and rewarding year for Labster. We have grown by over a third to reach nearly 60 employees, and the number of universities and education providers using Labster's simulations now number over 120 institutions. We now have the structure to...

A Fully Equipped Laboratory - Anywhere

Students can freely perform experiments in a self-directed virtual lab. Labster works directly in the web browser, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Matching Core Science Curriculum

All our labs are based on real-life case stories and equipment that matches core learning goals of science courses at universities and colleges.

After implementing Labster this year, I can see that my students finish the wetlab exercises faster than without virtual labs.

Gert Dandanell

Associate Professor, Biomolecular Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Watch the Talk on how Labster is reimagining education

See our most recent learning impact studies and a live demo of our new cutting-edge virtual reality learning simulations.