A million-dollar lab,
one click away.

Your students will learn twice as much with Labster. Make science come to life anytime, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost.

Empowering the next generation of scientists

Professors and students at more than 150 institutions around the world use Labster.

Radically improving science education

improve motivation

Improved motivation & engagement

Thousands of university and high school students use Labster every year as blended learning to spark their passion for STEM.

tracking progress

Tracking progress & feedback

Easily grade or track progress of students, and empower them to take control over their own learning.

preparing students

Preparing students for the real world

A recent study in Nature Biotechnology shows how students using Labster learned 101% more. Read the study here.

True To ife

True-to-life laboratory experiences

Captivate students with relatable scenarios and 3D animations, visualizing life science down to the molecular level.

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Reimagining the future of education at TEDx

In this 11 minute talk Michael Bodekaer, co-founder of Labster, shares how virtual reality science simulations can change education as we know it. Please do share the talk with your friends and colleagues, and help us inspire more teachers around the world to reimagine education and change it for the better.

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