Meta Innovation House | The Immersive Future of STEM Education

November 28, 2022
December 8, 2022


Join the Lisbon Council for an interactive and candid session on how future technologies can be harnessed to deliver science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education in the future, including in the metaverse. Participants will have a chance to try on a VR headset and experience firsthand the potential power of augmented and virtual reality for education.

Featured speakers

  • Constantin Scholz,  Phd Candidate and Researcher, FabLab and the AI Experience Centre and AI Lab Brussels
  • Malta Stäps, Lead Europe and DACH, Director of Scientific Partnerships, Labster
  • Matthew Sanders, Education and VR Lead, Global Affairs, Meta

moderated by Chrysoula Mitta, Associate Director, the Lisbon Council

This is an in-person session hosted by Meta in collaboration with the Lisbon Council. A light breakfast will be served.

We'll See You There.

Malte Stäps

Lead Europe and DACH, Director of Scientific Partnerships



Base out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Malte helps lead Labster's mission to spread STEM accessibility around the world through virtual lab technology.


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