Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Labster Community Campus Advocate Award

December 6, 2022

Labster recognizes 10 educators for their dedication to learning and sharing their experiences in implementing technology in the classroom

Labster is proud to recognize 10 customers as MVLPs (Most Valuable Lab Partners) in 2022. Each is a member of The Labster Community Campus, the gamified teacher network community that Labster created in January 2022 as a way to provide a personalized learning experience that entertains and engages educators.

“At Labster, a teacher is more than an amazing customer, they’re a partner—and we’d like to recognize them for the important role they play in inspiring the scientists of tomorrow,” states Community Manager Kristin Blye. “That’s why our Community Campus members are affectionately known as “Lab Partners.”

The Community Campus Advocate Awards recognize emerging Lab Partners as forward-thinking educators by a global leader in the market for interactive science education solutions.

Labster educators are student-obsessed and incorporate a data-driven approach to learning within their curriculum. And our advocates engage in selfless acts of advocacy that allow the Labster team to continue building world-class, customer-focused products.

Lab Partners interact with the program by completing bite-sized activities that help them develop their virtual lab skills, connect with other science teachers, and gain thought leadership opportunities with Labster.

The 10 Advocate Award winners have proven to be engaged advocates who have provided valuable feedback, displayed a driving desire to incorporate education technology into their curriculum, and established a trusted partnership with the Labster team. These winners come from 8 different US states, 2 different countries, and include charter schools, public high schools, community colleges, private colleges, and public universities.

The Most Valuable Lab Partners and winners of the 2022 Advocate Award are: 

  • Dr. Marc Behrendt of Webber International University
  • Jon Benson of the Community College of Rhode Island
  • Gini Lea Ennis of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System
  • Ms. Karolyn (KC) George of Lake Travis High School
  • Christina Griffis of the Putnam Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Adam W. Hrincevich of Logan University
  • Dr. Eddy van Hunnik, PhD of Alamance Community College
  • Dr. Nadine Kriska, PhD of the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
  • Charlotte Snoberger of Casper College
  • Ms. Heather Topping of St. Lawrence College

Congratulations to our winners. Learn more about the Labster Educator Community Campus here.

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