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Multistream Science Education for Nontraditional Students

Episode 5
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With undergraduate science degrees now requiring up to 5-6 years of on-campus time to complete, how can a nontraditional student with a job and family ever achieve a bachelor’s degree and get ahead at work? Professor Jennifer C. Bobenko suggests it’s time for a paradigm shift she’s calls Multistream Education. Jennifer, a professor of biochemistry and chair of IRB at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, thinks nontraditional students should be able to graduate in just a few years, and she knows how to get it done. In this thought provoking episode, she shares her vision for Multistream Education as a partnership between traditional degree-granting universities, MOOCs, industry, and virtual lab providers like Labster.

Screenshot of a virtual lab within a laptop frame. Discover how Labster empowers the next generation of scientists.
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