Welcome to Labster! Educators who watch this short video will get:

- An overview of Labster Onboarding 

- A demonstration of How to Upload a Simulation to Google Classroom 

- A round-up of best practices for teaching with Labster

- A summary of how students and instructors can get technical support and further training from Labster

Follow along with a Customer Success Manager to see:

- How to search the Labster catalog to find a Labster simulation for your course

- Where to go to assign Labster supplemental resources like lab manuals, theory pages, short animated videos, lab reports, science images, quiz questions, and quiz answer key

- How to explore a Labster simulation, either by watching a screencast of a simulation being played, reading learning objectives, or actively playing a simulation just as a student would

- How to set assignment deadlines and maximum number of attempts

- Where to sync your course roster to the Labster portal within Google Classroom

- How to view students’ grades and where to look to find deeper student performance data in the Labster portal

- How to download grade data to your computer

- How to get technical support for students and educators via Labster Chat. 

- How to access and use the Labster Help Center at help.labster.com 

- How to join the Labster Community Campus, our meeting place for science educators and forum for Labster users at campus.labster.com 

Please feel free to:

  • Watch or rewatch anytime

  • Share this video with colleagues 


Drew Linder
Manager of Customer Success

I am originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. After teaching full-time. I decided to pursue a career empowering other educators to teach STEM with Labster technology.




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