Expanding Access with New Device Support and More!

Sasha Mathrani

Labster is committed to increasing access to our world-class STEM learning resources for more students around the world. Our team has been hard at work translating our simulations into different languages and we have over 100 simulations and accompanying resources available in Spanish, French, German, and Italian!

We have more simulations to play in accessibility mode (with a screen reader, keyboard navigation, and text size adjustment), and are excited to announce that starting in the fall of 2022, we are expanding our device support. This means our simulations will begin to be available on iPads, tablets, and now all Chromebooks!

We have heard from educators about the need for students to be able to play Labster simulations on a wider variety of devices, and we are committed to meeting that need. 

Access is important to us as we are empowering the next generation of scientists to tackle global issues and change the world. Expanding this device support will allow Labster simulations to be accessible to more students around the world, especially at the high school level. 

Our primary focus is to ensure all our core High School simulations (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science) are available on all devices. Labster's new app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and is compatible with our Google Classroom and Schoology integrations! Educators and students are encouraged to download the new Labster app for iPads, tablets, or Chromebooks to ensure a more seamless experience on these devices.

Contact our team if you are interested in learning more about our new device support. 


Curious about Labster device support?

We have a Help Center article for you with detailed specifications! Find out if your device can run Labster.

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