Labster Releases New A&P Simulation: Solve a Missing Person Case

At Labster, we're passionate about the power of interactive learning in STEM subjects. Our latest Anatomy and Physiology simulation, "Introduction to the Skeletal System: Solve a Missing Person Case," takes students on an immersive journey of the human skeletal system. 

Guided by knowledgeable professor Sherley Bones, students investigate a missing person case using 3D models and interactive tools.

Visualize the inside of a bone

This simulation allows students to visualize the inside of a bone, a challenging prospectto replicate in real life. By bringing 3D models to life, learners gain a practical understanding of the skeletal system, calculating details like height, age, and medical history.

Interactive learning empowers students to take ownership of their education. Interactive visuals can bring otherwise complex concepts to life. A study by Learning From Science News found that people had an easier time digesting and engaging with information when visualizing it. “The possibility to access information through clicking, sliding, or zooming-in might provide a more direct and personally meaningful experience of abstract phenomena and thus facilitate comprehension and learning.”

Contextualize learning with an engaging story

Interactivity fosters a deep understanding, critical thinking, and real-world application skills. These attributes are crucial for future careers in STEM fields.

Atif Kukaswasdia, a TEDx speaker, once said, “There are two things that science needs to do: The first is we need to talk about why, and the second is that we need to tell a story.” We base all our simulations on stories! This game-based element of narrative story helps learners to put their new knowledge into use in a fun - and scientifically accurate - way. 

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