Labster + UbiSim = Great News for Nursing Education

Michael Bodekaer Jensen

The leading virtual science education platform and the world’s first VR nursing training platform are joining together to support nursing programs with virtual simulations for both early and advanced nursing education. We are thrilled to announce that Labster has acquired UbiSim. 

Choosing to join forces with UbiSim is a decision that stemmed from years of mutual respect and following each others’ journeys. We first met Gauthier [Dubruel] and Florian [Brutsche] at a conference about five years ago where we shared a stage to talk about how we saw the future of education becoming more democratized with scalable, high-quality, virtual simulation-based training. It was very clear from that first day that we shared the same mission and ambition. 

As we kept talking over the years, we began to realize how fully aligned we really were in the mission of improving access to high-quality education on a global level, especially on improving access to nursing education. By 2030, the world will need another 9 million nurses, especially in the countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, according to the World Health Organization. 

We knew that we could drive a greater impact by joining our talented teams to address this critical nursing shortage.  

Facts on Nursing Shortage in the United States

Not only are our missions fully aligned, but we each have high-quality products that complement the other. 

Labster focuses on early nursing education, offering simulations in biology, anatomy and physiology, and helping institutions to overcome limited access to laboratories and equipment. 

UbiSim focuses on later stage clinical nursing training, offering simulations that feature patients across the lifespan in a broad continuum of care settings, helping institutions to overcome limited access to hospitals and other clinical sites for nursing students.

Our two teams will immediately start learning from each other. 

For Labster, this means being inspired to focus on meeting the needs of nursing educators with VR technology and being able to offer virtual simulations that will train nurses from their general education science courses all the way to their clinical sites. 

For UbiSim, this means accelerating global distribution of their industry-leading virtual nursing simulations and editable scenarios. 

Finally, it’s important to highlight what is not changing. Florian and Gauthier will remain at UbiSim, playing key leadership roles in the development of the team’s products. And current UbiSim customers can expect to receive the same support from the same team they’ve always relied on - in addition to new offerings. 

We see our next chapter as a great opportunity to put educators and students even more at the heart of what we do, while continuing to challenge ourselves to grow. And while things will evolve, we promise to stay true to the same mission and vision that have guided Labster throughout our journey for the last nine years: empowering the next generation of scientists (and now healthcare practitioners) to change the world and solve global challenges. 

If you're interested in learning more, please get in touch.

- Michael Bodekaer Jensen and Mads Bonde, Labster Co-Founders

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