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I have ADHD, and I find Labster accessible. The sound/visual/click combo offers multiple ways of learning all at once, which is really helpful.

Tonie Liquori
Sustainability Studies Student

Students learn best when they can combine theoretical information with real-life applications. Labster provides the best virtual environment with experiments that motivate students and pedagogically meaningful tasks that result in real learning.

Vesa Paajanen
Senior Lecturer in Animal Physiology

I absolutely utilize Labster for all of my synchronous and asynchronous coursework. In fact, I’m not even sure how I’d conduct lab if I didn’t have it. And I continue to advocate for Labster at Southwest.

Christopher J. Oswald II
Adjunt instructor of Biology and Physiology

I think Labster’s really powerful for teaching processes that are otherwise hard to demonstrate and conceptually cumbersome to explain to students.

Jia Sun, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
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The Power of Engagement

Experience for yourself how active immersion fuels science learning.

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Focused on Equitable Learning Design

Discover how student-driven scenarios promote mastery at a personalized pace.

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Unlock a Learning Advantage

Connect the dots on how interactive learning translates into better outcomes.


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How do students access Labster?

Labster is hosted online, which means that students only have to login from their internet browsers once an account is created.

How is Labster purchased?

Labster is only available for purchase by faculty and administration at academic institutions. To procure Labster, simply reach out to us on our website. Schedule a demo, book a meeting to discuss pricing, start a free trial, or simply fill out our contact form.

How is Labster different from other learning solutions?

Labster simulations are created by real scientists and designed with unparalleled interactivity. Unlike point and click competitors, Labster simulations immerse students and encourage mastery through active learning.

What types of courses does Labster support?

Labster supports a wide range of courses at the high school and university level across fields in biology, chemistry and physics. Some simulations mimic lab procedures with high fidelity to train foundational skills, while others are meant to bring theory to life through interactive scenarios.