Labster Partners with Kiddom to Advance Access to Equitable Science Learning Materials

January 9, 2024

BOSTON — JANUARY 9, 2024  — Labster (, the world's leading edtech platform for virtual labs and interactive science, is partnering with Kiddom (, a paradigm-shifter for equitable learning and a publisher of high-quality instructional materials.

Integrated within Kiddom’s OpenStax 9-12 curricula, students will experience immersive virtual Labster simulations that are directly tied to content across Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and A&P. These engaging STEM experiences create the opportunity for the application of OpenStax learning to real-world scenarios that are otherwise inaccessible, effectively creating equitable science experiences for all students.

With Kiddom, teachers using these high-quality science solutions will leverage time-saving lesson planning and instructional delivery tools, including actionable student performance reporting. School and district leaders will gain a dedicated set of dashboards to implement their science curricula with integrity at scale and the ability to tailor the curricula to meet the needs of their local communities.

"We’re excited to combine Kiddom's innovative curriculum platform with our evidence-based immersive virtual labs. Together, leveraging our alignment to OpenStax curricula, we're expanding access to equitable and engaging experiences to all students grades 9-12," said Rick Keaton, Head of Partnerships at Labster. "This partnership moves us one step closer to ensuring transformative learning tools are within reach for schools and districts."

With a catalog of 300-plus STEM curriculum-aligned virtual lab simulations and a vast library of supplemental materials, Labster was recently highlighted by Insider magazine as one of the “25 most promising education tech startups of 2023” and is the winner of the 2023 Tech Edvocate Awards category for best virtual reality tools. 

About Labster

Labster is dedicated to developing fully interactive virtual training simulations that are designed to enhance traditional learning outcomes by stimulating students’ natural curiosity and reinforcing the connection between science and the real world. The simulations can be used in a variety of different ways, from a full lab replacement to a supplemental learning activity. Over 6 million students in high schools and universities in 100-plus countries have used Labster to perform realistic experiments, learn key science concepts, and practice their skills in a risk-free learning environment. Labster’s team members are passionate about improving science learning, resulting in collaborations with over 3,000 leading educational institutions. Visit

About Kiddom

Kiddom supports equitable education across the United States by uniting dynamic technology with high-quality instructional materials to transform materials into engaging, insightful digital learning experiences.

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