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Ideas for Teaching with Labster (Part 1)

Episode 3
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Are you teaching both online and in-person these days? Biochemistry professors Felicia Vulcu and Caitlin Mullarkey of McMaster University explain how they teach with Labster using any course delivery format. When Felicia has a face-to-face course, she plays Labster simulations right along with her 160 students as a pre-lab exercise. When Caitlin teaches a 600-student online course, her students use Labster at the end of a module as a way of applying concepts they’ve been learning. Felicia and Caitlin both encourage their students to play Labster as many times as they want in order to master the simulations, and they count their students’ highest Labster quiz scores for grading purposes.

Screenshot of a virtual lab within a laptop frame. Discover how Labster empowers the next generation of scientists.
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