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Welcome to Labster! Educators who watch this short video will get:

- An overview of Labster Onboarding 

- A demonstration of How to Create a Course & Upload a Simulation to the Canvas LMS

- A round-up of best practices for teaching with Labster

- A summary of how students and instructors can get technical support and further training from Labster

Follow along with a Customer Success Manager to see:

Step-by-step instructions for how to add a Labster science simulation to a course in Canvas. 

Where to search the Labster Catalog to discover and select a virtual lab simulation for your course. 

How to add the Labster Dashboard, or grade book, to your Canvas course.  Note that Labster automatically grades student quizzes. 

Where to access Labster’s lab manuals, lab report templates, theory pages, quiz questions and quiz answer key, and the library of Labster science images that are available within Blackboard. 

Who will work with your school’s Canvas LMS administrator to connect Labster to Canvas.  

How to get technical support for students and educators via Labster Chat. 

How to access and use the Labster Help Center at  

How to join the Labster Community Campus, our meeting place for science educators and forum for Labster users at  

Please feel free to:

  • Stay for Q&A at the end!

  • Watch whenever is best for your schedule

  • Rewatch the parts you’re most interested in

  • Share directly with your colleagues