Welcome to Labster! Educators who watch this short video will get:

- An overview of Labster Onboarding 

- A demonstration of How to Create a Course & Upload a Simulation to the Course Manager

- A round-up of best practices for teaching with Labster

- A summary of how students and instructors can get technical support and further training from Labster

Follow along with a Customer Success Manager to see:

See exactly how to log in at my.labster.com to create a new course, add co-instructors, and invite students to the course. You’ll also learn how to duplicate a course to add multiple sections!

Watch how to add a Labster science simulation to the course by searching and choosing a simulation from Labster’s catalog.  

Locate where to play a simulation before assigning it, watch a demo screencast, review learning objectives, and how to select the preferred language or accessibility mode. 

Check out where to access Labster’s lab manuals, lab report templates, theory pages, quiz questions, quiz answer key, and a library of science images. 

See how to publish a simulation to your course and set grading policies. 

Locate where to view all grades and deeper student performance data for each student. 

How to get technical support for students and educators via Labster Chat. 

Learn how to access and use the Labster Help Center at help.labster.com 

Discover how to join the Labster Community Campus, our meeting place for science educators and forum for Labster users at campus.labster.com 

Please feel free to:

  • Watch or rewatch anytime

  • Share this video with colleagues






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