Welcome to Labster! Educators who watch this short video will:

- See exactly how to add a Labster science simulation to a unit in D2L/Brightspace

- See how to preview and select a Labster simulation from the Labster catalog, including where to click to play a simulation yourself or to watch a screencast of someone else playing the simulation

- Learn how to select desired resources that complement each simulation such as downloadable lab manuals and lab reports, theory pages, quiz questions and the quiz answer key, science explainer videos, and science images

- Learn how to upload a Labster simulation directly to a course in D2L/Brightspace

- Learn how to add the Labster Dashboard, or grade book, to your course in D2L/Brightspace. Student grades and progress within Labster are visible to instructors via the Teacher Dashboard. Students can see their own grades but can’t see anyone else’s. 

- Learn how to download grades from D2L/Brightspace. 

- Find out how students can access Labster simulations within a course in D2L/Brightspace

- Find out how to get technical support for students and educators via Labster Chat. 

- Discover how to access and use the Labster Help Center at help.labster.com 

- Discover how to join the Labster Community Campus, our meeting place for science educators and forum for Labster users at campus.labster.com 

Please feel free to:

  • Watch or rewatch anytime

  • Share this video with colleagues 






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