K-12 Science Teachers: New PD Opportunities Are Here!

Your success with Labster is our #1 goal. That’s why we’re partnering with BetterLesson to offer additional Professional Development opportunities to high school science teachers.

BetterLesson, a team dedicated to empowering K-12 teachers to build learner-centered classrooms, are now offering a virtual workshop series for teachers using Labster. 

Regardless of whether your school is remote or in-person, BetterLesson’s learning programs will give you and your colleagues a deep-dive into research-backed, student-centered instructional strategies for using Labster’s virtual lab simulations.

Each live virtual workshop features an interactive, 2-hour class with a master teacher who understands how to help you leverage Labster as a part of your NGSS-aligned curriculum. You’ll be 100% focused on gaining best practices for engaging, assessing, and teaching students with Labster.  

If you’re interested in purchasing additional professional development for your school, please click the inquire button below.

Inquire Here

Email customer.support@labster.com

Expanding Labster’s Support for Teachers

Labster is here to support you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, personal setup and implementation calls, and individual support via help.labster.com

We’ll also be growing our high school team throughout Spring 2021 to offer you better 1:1 assistance.

With that said, BetterLesson’s professional learning workshops can help truly take your school’s use of virtual labs to the next level. 

“We're beyond thrilled to be supporting teachers and leaders with strategies and planning guidance to implement Labster in an effective, seamless way. "It's not every day we come across such a transformative tool; one that can really bring learning alive for students.

“We've seen time and again how critical deep implementation support can be! Our workshops and coaching allow educators to learn by doing, experience Labster as their students will, and get feedback on their plan for implementation.” 

– Erin Osborn, BetterLesson Co-founder


You’ll Receive 1:1 Attention in a Small-Group Setting


BetterLesson is known for small group instruction that meets the unique needs of each school and district. Class sizes are limited to 20 teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn from your peers as well as from BetterLesson’s master educators who are skilled at online delivery of personalized, interactive teacher development to adult learners.

Take Any or All of These Labster Workshops from BetterLesson

Each program is a 2-hour, virtual workshop taught by a BetterLesson coach.

  • Teaching with Labster in the Virtual Classroom - 2 hours

  • Flexible Assessment: Making Labster Visible - 2 hours

  • Engaging All Students with Labster - 2 hoursInquire Here

Email customer.support@labster.com

Labster Will Always Support You

Your Labster team will continue to provide initial training and front-line assistance, as well as helpful resources like videos and guides that describe how to get the most out of using Labster. 

You can reach out to your Labster team at any time. Thanks again for using Labster! 

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