Streamlining Science Education for All Students: Easier Syllabus Building with Labster

Ginelle Testa

For many STEM educators, the start of a new school year brings a familiar challenge: building a science curriculum that meets the needs of all students. With diverse learning styles and backgrounds, this task can be overwhelming. But what if there was a tool that could make the process easier?

Labster, the world's leading edtech platform for immersive digital simulations, is here to help.

With our new updates, we’re working to make educators’ lives easier by streamlining the process of finding and selecting content—and contributing to students’ confidence, engagement, and success along the way. 

Our most recent update includes: 

  • Significant improvements to our content management
  • New curriculum & curated course packages
  • A partnership with OpenStax 

Exciting Labster Updates

Course Management Updates

Labster has never been easier to navigate and build courses with. Our new interface enables educators to quickly find the materials they need to create the curriculum. They can now add simulations, full units, or entire courses with just a click of a button. This streamlined process saves valuable time and makes course planning less stressful.

For example, chemistry instructors can navigate to the course they’re teaching, expertly mapped to the level they are teaching at. For example, a higher education Chemistry instructor could make use of Labster's  'Introduction to to Chemistry' course, made up of 21 units. With Labster’s update, it’s just plug-and-play for educators and students!

New Curriculum

Labster’s updated curriculum and new course packages are carefully curated by our in-house team of science educators. Each course and unit now comes with detailed descriptions, clear learning objectives, and specific learning progressions. This structured approach ensures that educators can easily find and integrate the most relevant content for their students, providing a more coherent and effective learning experience.

For example, within the “Introduction to Chemistry” course, here’s a screenshot of the “Classifying and Balancing Chemical Reactions” unit showing three of the six relevant simulations:

OpenStax Alignments

By aligning Labster’s simulations with OpenStax’s high-quality, open educational resources, we’re providing a more comprehensive and cohesive educational experience. Those learners with diverse backgrounds and needs can use the free resources alongside Labster in a way that makes sense for how the curriculum unfolds. These alignments can now also be found by clicking into any simulation details page.

Looking Ahead

One of the great benefits of Labster is that we’re always building and improving. The subscription you get now will be even more valuable as time goes on!

Curriculum coverage is a huge priority for us. We’ll continue to ensure our content aligns well with the courses and units you teach. We want you to have everything you need in Labster, all in one place!

But we hope you enjoy all the new updates now, that they make your life easier, and that they improve students' success and engagement. 

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