7 Ways Virtual Labs Help High Schools Lead in STEM

Mark Gargarian

Virtual Labs Inspire Students and Provide a Lifeline for Teachers.

In spite of educators being stretched thin, virtual labs are reimaging what high schools can offer students when it comes to STEM education.

Labster’s immersive science simulations empower students to experiment and learn in interactive virtual environments, but the most profound impacts are happening in the classroom. Discover 7 ways that Labster helps teachers be at their best with a more diverse, engaging, and targeted approach to pedagogy.

1. Enhance learning outcomes

Studies show that virtual labs as much as doubles knowledge gains in students when combined with classroom teaching. This is especially powerful considering the learning loss and knowledge gaps that have emerged in the past few years. Virtual labs keep students engaged after hours, making up for lost time and translating into higher test scores and greater college preparedness.

2. Engage students

Get students excited about STEM. Students love Labster because of its gamification, visual learning, and narrative structure. Keep students engaged after hours, to spark discussion in class the next day. Simulations bring science to life and empower students to experience what it means to be a scientist.

"Labster gives teachers that opportunity to breathe and get excited again about being back in the classroom. and being with those kids because they're seeing the kids light up… And if you assign it for something that's outside, most students are going to do it because they're excited about it." - Melody McGill, Curriculum Coordinator

3. Do more with less

Virtual labs go beyond the limits of lab space, class time, and budgets for materials. Offer students round-the-clock access to a state-of-the-art lab environment and reimagine the experiences you can offer students, from the quantum realm to the surface of Mars.


4. Target learning gaps

Track student progress in real-time through teacher dashboards to see where specific students are struggling. Use Labster assessments to evaluate learning outcomes and measure knowledge gaps, so you can spend less time grading and more time intervening.

5. Enhance your wet Labs

Wet Labs don't always go as planned, and often leave students racing the bell, with little time for one-on-one support or second attempts. Virtual labs can prepare students in advance with practice simulations to maximize time in the lab, or review lab techniques months after cleanup.

"When I give them a worksheet, they’re not all doing it. But when I give them Labster, they’re all actually doing it. It’s more motivating. And when we run through the experiment in my real lab, they’re all actually getting it. They’re coming into my room with the confidence that they already know the procedures.” - Emily Dehoff, Biology Teacher

6. Meet diverse learning needs

Empower students to learn at their own pace, and try simulations as many times as they need to get things right. Labster provides an immersive experience for visual learners, while making learning fun and interactive for students who struggle with learning in isolation. Virtual labs are proven to enhance motivation and self-efficacy, expanding what students can learn at home so that teachers can save time in class for more one-on-one support.

7. Prepare students for STEM careers

Labster is used in the programs of leading universities, offering ambitious high school teachers the chance to elevate their curriculums. Prepare students for STEM careers with advanced courses for accelerated learning pathways.

"I definitely think the kids understand the content better when they get to do a simulation. And so that final ‘Aha! moment’ when they understand how to convert units, or they understand that an atom is so small and it finally all clicks... They felt like they were scientists." - Shawn Zeringue, Chemistry Teacher

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