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Just as the printing press once changed the way knowledge was shared, digital learning technologies are now transforming education from a “one size fits all” model where students receive the same information at the same time to one that can be self-paced and personalized. The rise of 21st-century education technology has facilitated a revolution in which knowledge is no longer owned by an instructor who transfers it to passive learners. Today, learning is an interactive, inquiry-based exchange between teacher and student. 

Labster is the world’s leading interactive STEM learning platform. At Labster, we believe the days of science and technology being taught only to students who will pursue STEM careers are gone forever. STEM is fundamental to every field, and with Labster, every student has access to a virtual lab or simulation that enables them to master foundational scientific concepts and skills - all while having fun, thanks to the stickiness of game-based design. 

Those students who come to love science as much as we do will also find a progressively rich and challenging sequence of content for courses in over 50 disciplines, from Anatomy & Physiology to Physics.   

A better experience for both teachers and students

Labster contextualizes learning objectives and piques students’ curiosity to know more, try to solve problems, learn from their mistakes, and master new material.  Each 3D immersive simulation in the Labster platform is a self-paced experience that empowers students to discover phenomena, explore theories, visualize concepts, practice lab skills, analyze data, and interact with virtual versions of modern lab equipment. 

Teaching with Labster’s interactive digital learning tool supports educators in this new era, giving them more time and flexibility to engage learners with high-quality STEM learning experiences in both asynchronous and face-to-face settings. This is a key benefit for both instructors and students who are balancing the demands of work, family, and life. 

Instructors enjoy Labster because it takes care of some of their administrative tasks, freeing them up to spend their limited time teaching students. An educator who uses Labster to help deliver course content has the flexibility to spend more class time answering questions, providing coaching, and giving individual feedback.

Labster automatically grades embedded quiz questions and provides a dashboard of student performance data. In addition to hundreds of science simulations that integrate with LMS systems, subscriptions to the Labster platform include lab manuals, theory pages, animated explainer videos, and a library of science images that instructors can leverage in myriad ways. 

To ensure that every student has access to high-quality science education, Labster offers popular simulations in multiple languages, represents diverse characters on screen, and accommodates hearing and visual impairments. Students can engage with Labster from anywhere through a simple web browser or via apps for Android and iOS devices available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Labster is both affordable for virtually any school and designed to scale to meet the needs of any population. In these ways, learning with Labster increases equity, democratizing access to knowledge for students around the world. 

Technical support for teachers and students 

Labster takes on the role of technical support administration for all of our users. Educators can rest assured that Labster’s world-class support team is here to support their students with troubleshooting assistance 7 days a week. Our tools allow users to be connected to the right resources to solve any problem and answer any question, starting with live chat 7 days a week and including a knowledgebase of articles at Labster offers personalized support and gives users a choice of how and when they want to communicate with our team of support analysts. Course instructors and IT or LMS (Learning Management System) administrators have the added option to get telephone support from a live analyst at 888-308-7056.

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